Will Keratrax MS stick to horse’s hooves?

A small amount of Keratrax MS may stick to horses’ hooves. The product is non-toxic and harmless to the horse, indeed the formulation is not dissimilar to products marketed to give surface shine to hooves and coats.

Can you apply it multiple times to the same surface?

The product can be reapplied if the surface starts to become dusty. The dusting will be due to the contamination of the surface mixture with fine sediment from watering, or organic matter. Reapplication of additional Keratrax MS will reinvigorate the … Continued

How long will Keratrax MS last before it dries out?

The formulation behind Keratrax MS has been used to manufacture synthetic equestrian surfaces for more than ten years. The expected lifespan is highly dependent on the level of maintenance. The wax itself will not ‘dry out’, however if organic matter … Continued