What is Keratrax?

Keratrax is a scientifically developed emulsion formulated using premium raw materials carefully selected to bind effectively with sand and fibres to achieve a top quality ‘like new’ surface but at a fraction of the cost of total equestrian surface replacement. Keratrax is manufactured in the UK by Equestrian Wax experts Kerax Ltd. The full range of Kerax wax products for the Equestrian industry is available at www.kerax.com

What is an Emulsion?

An emulsion is a mixture that results when one liquid is added to another and is mixed with it but does not dissolve into it.

How long does it last?

This product will protect your arena surface from the elements and your surface could last for at least another 4 years longer than before. That means you could keep the same surface for up to 12 years.

Is Keratrax suitable for my surface?

Keratrax can be used as a repair product sprayed on top of old waxed and non-waxed surfaces to give them moisture, bounce and a consistent stable footing, it can be sprayed on to a newer surface to turn it into a waxed footing or it can be mixed with a dry surface to create an entirely new waxed surface.

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