Reduces water consumption by minimising watering requirements

The properties of the wax based emulsion when applied to the surface materials cause the surface to remain structured without adding water. The wax, sand and fibre bind together making the surface stabilizing and consistent.

Quick and easy to apply

The Equimulsion team are all trained with specialist equipment to install Keratrax MS quickly and efficiently to achieve a high-quality installation and finish. The unique equipment allows the installer to distribute the product evenly over the surface and mix it thoroughly with the surface materials. The installation takes two days to allow for the Keratrax MS to dry into the surface and to be power harrowed and graded the next day ready for immediate use.

Consistent surface performance

Once Keratrax MS is installed and in use, the bond between the wax, sand and fibres will become stronger. This bond will increase the return of the surface, this means the surface will cushion the hoof on each stride.
As there is very little oil content in the formula, there is no chance of the wax trying out, burning off in the sun or washing off with the rain. The wax used in this product is the same high-quality wax that is used by leading surface manufacturers. Applying Keratrax MS will provide the same result as getting a pre-mixed wax surface but without the ‘new surface’ price tag.

Dust suppressant

The bond that is created by adding wax to the sand and fibres suppresses dust particles by binding them to the surface materials. The wax agent performs in the same way as adding water.

Low maintenance

Adding wax to your surface means no more watering. The wax adds moisture and structure to the surface. Adding the wax to outdoor arenas means the fibre in your surface will be bound to the other materials and will be less likely to blow away.

Less environmental impact

Keratrax MS has been tested and has been found to be harmless to the environment. The wax based product has a very low oil content which means that there will be no excess oil to wash off with the rain into the water stream or the land. The scientifically developed surface wax treatment has been intensely analysed to ensure the wax used is non-toxic. The product is a cold wax emulsion that does not require heat to be applied to the surface, this decreases the carbon footprint. There are no environmental effects caused by applying this product to your surface.

Can be applied to a non-wax surface

Keratrax MS is used to upgrade a surface from dry sand and fibre to a waxed footing. Adding wax to your dry sand arena surface pro-longs durability, increases stability and consistency and decreases the risk of repetitive strain. By adding Keratrax MS you are upgrading your surface by a huge amount.

Repair of tired, dried-out waxed surfaces

Keratrax MS is used to repair old, tired surfaces by adding a wax coating to the surface materials that suppresses the dust, adds stability and consistency, reduces the need for watering and prolongs durability of the surface.

Cost effective

You won’t need to purchase a new surface, Keratrax MS prolongs durability and repairs the surface you already have. The amount of money it costs to apply keratrax MS to an old surface or a surface that needs waxing is just a fraction of the price that you would pay for a new surface. The quality of surface you will have after Keratrax MS is installed is very high. This product is very good value for money and the end result gives the look and feel of a brand new wax footing.